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DeviceBondage goes to the edge portraying beautiful women deriving pleasure from BDSM play while restrained with various metal, leather and wooden devices.

Authentic BDSM power play using metal and leather devices with real female submission

Gagged, bound, and helpless they struggle against the ropes

Lesbian S&M strap-on sex

Our newest Kinky site where you can find high definition live shows of sexy woman being restrained and dominated like you have never seen before.

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lesbian gang rape
11:10, 2009-Dec-6

Water bondage Self bondage

A bit of bondage stories story: but I placed the add anyway. It read like this: WANTED: FEMALE FOR STRICT TRAINING AS A SEX SLAVE. ONLY SINCERE NEED ANSWER. Some were women looking for something a little different in their lives. And let's face it, some were just plain mal-adjusted nymphos. She sat for the interview very confidently. Not that a submissive has to be dumber than a pull-tab beer can, but let's face it again folks. ..

This is a busty extravaganza with Trina Michaels submitting to Daphne Rosen.

Self bondage

Real woman-on-woman power play


forced lesbian rape
06:47, 2009-Dec-5

Secretary bondage Bdsm toys

I stood at this door before and watched them wrestling with each other until one or the other would tire and then be dominated by the other, the winner making the loser do what was wished. When I entered I acted stunned and shocked at what I saw before me. we're only playing uncle Jack, said Mellisa. just look at you two. Get dressed immediately both of you before I lose my temper, bend you both over and spank both of those naughty bottoms. ..

BONUS UPDATE! It's always fun to watch someones first time in bondage and SM. Bunnie was curious enough to give it a try but struggled with letting go. Sandra does her best to get genuine reactions out of Bunnie through corporal punishment and sexual domination.

Bdsm toys

Real whipping and spanking

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lesbian rape bit torrent
04:53, 2009-Dec-2

Water bondage Bondage paper

A piece of bondage stories story: She was wearing a lacy baby doll nightie with a light bed jacket over it. He began to ask the questions, name, age, income, marital status, and all that stuff. He got out a blank paper and began to question her. How much do you weigh? About one fifty. How often do you have sex? Every day if I can! Do you ever have sexual fantasy? Yes I often fantasize of being tied and bound up with leather and being fucked fiercely by some handsome hunk like you! Ken now told Lori that he must look at the house to see how it fit into the norm for this part of the country. ..

Jenni Lee is shackled in the dungeon at the pefect height for Hollie to force her to lick pussy and ass! Then she is spanked and whipped while bound to a wall where she is forced to cum 3 times. Hollie gets fucked with a dildo-gag and cums so hard she squirts. Lastly she fucks Jenni Lee with a strap on!

Bondage paper

Watch these pain sluts get spanked, whipped, slapped, worship feet, smothered and forced to lick ass in bondage.

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Heaven Lee is a beautiful model who loves bondage and S/M.
01:21, 2009-Dec-2

Bondage hentai Torture gallery

A bit of bondage stories story: Diane's eyes began to fill with tears, not from pain, but from frustration at being so close to orgasm, yet not being able to climax. He was pumping with a slow, easy rhythm, making a lather form at her entrance. Diane's juices were turning into a lather, running down her slit to drip into Lisa's waiting mouth. Lisa reached up and fondled his swaying balls, sliding her fingers up his furry ass. Her pussy spasmed, closing itself down around the void his manhood left in her. ..

Jewels beautiful body is hugged by 200+ feet of tight hemp rope. She had often asked to be fucked while suspended - It was our pleasure to make her wishes come true.

Torture gallery

Inescapable bondage and forced orgasms

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illegal lesbian rape sites
06:31, 2009-Nov-30

Nude bondage Private spankings

Some bondage stories story: Finally, she wore matching lace bands on her wrists, and a lace maid's hat on her head. As she walked into the room, she knelt in front of her master's chair and placed a briefcase in front of him. She is such a good maid, Steve laughed. Now put that away and come here, bitch! Quickly, she moved to obey her master's orders. So she stood before him as he opened up the case she had brought into the room. ..

Deja Daire is extremely cute and innocent looking. She receives her punishment with obedience and being dominated is a definite turn on for her. Shy does a great job with breaking this new girl in.

Private spankings

Genuine power play


lesbian gang rape movies
05:53, 2009-Nov-30

Spanking blog Bdsm personals

Sample of bondage stories story: She needed the company so she could listen to Julie tell how she had coped with this exact problem only six months before. When she let the men in (there were two) she couldn't help but notice how they looked at her, scanning her body from head to toe, pausing to stare right into her eyes, then, descending over her body once more. Will you be finished by 1 PM? asked Barbara. Where's the fireplace? Barbara directed them into the den and pointed to the fireplace in the corner of the room. ..

Sexy Paris Kennedy is back and dominated by Sydnee Capri. While in standing bondage, her clothes are ripped off revealing her deliciously delicate body for punishment. She gets more pussy licking and footworship training. Then she is commanded to strap-on fuck her mistress with hands tied behind back and tits whipped. Paris then gets fucked and is given a big screaming orgasm to finish this hot scene.

Bdsm personals

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free lesbian rape pictures
10:39, 2009-Nov-28

Torture drawings Rubber bondage

He grabs you by your hair and snaps your head back. I bet you're a whole lot better when you're awake though. Let's see what we have. He suddenly grabs your blouse and rips it open, exposing a strapless bra covering two luscious looking soft mounds. You cringe in fear as first he tenderly massages your soft yielding mounds then you scream in agony as he sinks his fingernails into your flesh and twists. ..

Two beautiful busty blondes going at it in this erotic lebian BDSM scene! Sammi Rhodes has a new sexual experience with Gia Paloma as domme. She is very obedient and has the biggest orgasm of her life while tied up, fucked in the ass and vibrated!

Rubber bondage

Sexy/beautiful women submit

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lesbian strap on ass rape
09:34, 2009-Nov-28

Tit bondage Bdsm comics

Sample of bondage stories story: Finally on our way, we talk and tell each other how our day has been. We arrive at the party and before we leave the car you turn and look at me as your fingers brush my cheek. Never speak unless spoken too always stay a little behind you, all the unspoken commands, I know them all. Smiling and chatting with friends, time flies by. I turn and search the room for you and find you. The people around us seem to fade away. ..

Kym Wilde meet Abbey at a crazy party and decided to bring her back to the studio for some private kinky S&M. This beautiful curvy girl eventually takes a great deal of punishment and gets fucked real good.

Bdsm comics

Real S&M, pictures and videos of female domination, discipline, humiliation and whipping, spanking and caning.


Jade Indica suffers through a physically stressful BDSM shoot.
11:23, 2009-Nov-24

Spankings Needle torture

A bit of bondage stories story: Then I suggest that you start begging for you old man's life, Scuzzy said. Bitch, I want you to beg with your mouth, but I don't want words coming out. I want those sweet lips wrapped around my cock. Rhonda glanced over at her bound husband then reached up and started unfastening Scuzzy's pants. Scuzzy looked over at him with surprise and anger on his face. He grabbed Bob around the neck and started hitting him. ..

Gagged, bound and helpless while restrained by devices

Needle torture

Gagged, bound and helpless while restrained by devices

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brutal lesbian rape
06:29, 2009-Nov-24

Private spankings Ebony bondage

Little bondage stories story: Put the drink down and turn around, I said in a firm tone of voice. She placed the drink on the coffee table and turned to face me. Her hair was slightly disheveled from the windy ride in my car. Her legs were pale, almost white, but pleasantly slender and graceful. I looked straight into her eyes and said, Take off your sweater, in a soft but commanding voice. When she realized I was perfectly serious, her visage changed completely. ..

Don't let Alexa Von Tess's innocent looks deceive you. She enjoys being sexually dominated and can take a heavy dose of pain. Sandra Romain slaps her around and makes her worship her entire body. Then she is fucked in vulnerable bondage positions including a pile driver and a painful suspension. This shoot has some great intensity with two beautiful girls.

Ebony bondage

Sexy/beautiful women submit

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Tough, beautiful, and sexy Isis Love experiences extreme BDSM.
00:27, 2009-Nov-24

Bdsm equipment Bondage video

Some bondage stories story: This was the kind of girl I always had dreamed of. We decided to play and we came out to the mall. When I got into the back, he pinned me, tied my wrists behind my back, tied my knees and ankles together, and stuffed a cloth gag into my mouth. I think his plan is to come back, strip, re-tie me and leave again. Why an hour and a half, I don't know. `Usually the ropes are so tight, no mater how hard I try, there isn't a chance of escape. ..

The long awaited and highly acclaimed series is back! CABO the return, Part 2. At the end of Cabo part 1,Sgt. Major takes Jenni for "training". Miles away from the villa and into hot Mexican heat. Jenni Lee is in for the "training" of her life. The Sgt. dresses her down military style and ties her up hogtied style. In the end she is begging to return to the villa with a new and improved "attitude". If you missed Cabo one scroll down and watch it; it sets up the entire fantasy we have laid before you. Check out the forums for the inside scoop on this update.

Bondage video

Inescapable bondage and forced orgasms


lesbien rape
07:52, 2009-Nov-23

Women in bondage Bondage rape

A piece of bondage stories story: After they were finished, we sent Rosetta to make lunch and bring it to us at the pool. We lounged a poolside naked until Rosetta brought lunch. Not enough to make us cum, but enough to please us and keep Rosetta busy. That evening Rosetta made and served dinner naked and again orally serviced us while we ate. Rosetta was then told to lay out on the floor and masturbate for us. Then Mary and Linda knelt beside her and held her arms and legs, so that she could not continue her fingering and could not prevent me from accessing her slick cunt. ..

Seven arrives at her job interview only to find that she is a victim of Chanta and Princess Kali's perverted scheme. Lots of slapping, crops, paddles, strapons, and electric torture in this update.

Bondage rape

Real lesbian BDSM powerplay

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Daphne's huge 36G breasts get tighly bound.
06:10, 2009-Nov-16

Bondage movies Torture sex

Little bondage stories story: Harris just had a report from one of her 9th graders. Someone has been walloping her. This fits in with what I've heard before. Some of my students have suggested it, but no one is willing to talk about it. I intend to get to the bottom of this, said Ann angrily. If anyone is going to smack ass, it will be me. I will send for the girl immediately and bring her here. Ann smiled as the girl declined an invitation to be seated. ..

Bobbi Starr is one of the hottest rising starlets of the adult industry. She started her career right here at and she came back to play with us at Hogtied. Bobbi embodies the phrase "too pretty for porn" and she has a genuine love for bondage and submission. Her stamina is put to the test with pussy torment and multiple forced orgasms that drain this little sluta?ôs desire for more. In the end she is a shaking worn out mess, but definitely a happy mess.

Torture sex

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fog sex lesbian rape
01:53, 2009-Nov-12

Water torture Bondage fetish

Sample of bondage stories story: I'm glad to see you've awakened, he said. He laughed as he surveyed the poor girl, who was helpless to react. he chuckled as he reached between the cheeks of her ass to wiggle that big cock. Oh! Im soooo sorry! How insensitive of me! He burst out laughing so hard that it brought tears to his eyes and he started to cough. She heard the humming of motors and felt the center of the table rise and the front and back lower until her ass was a good foot and a half higher than her head and feet. ..

Rozen Debowe was an amazing find for Whippedass because she truely loves pain. She played sports for 10 years and realized that her favorite part about it was getting hurt in the games. Claire Adams skillfully takes her on a journey through intense pain with intricate bondage and severe disciplinary tools. A thorough caning while tied in the Lotus position and three pairs of clover clamps applied to her nipples while bound upsidedown are some of the highlights. This update is sure to please bondage and pain aficionados.

Bondage fetish

Kinky Female powerplay

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Alison gets some bondage in the Japanese style.
00:30, 2009-Nov-12

Spanking stories Spanking story

A piece of bondage stories story: The sexy, feminine dress with its view of my breasts, combined with the Fuck me! pumps and the tiny waist (courtesy of the corset) was just too much added as it was to my normal dark, somewhat sultry look and my six-foot height, it was like carrying a neon sign advertising sex. It was the only way to take the first step toward my new adventure. So, here I am, standing out on West 10th Street, EARLY for the appointment. ..

Kendra is usually the photographer for hogtied. This time she got to experience what she normally photographs.

Spanking story

Sexy slaves/women are bound into submission


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